NSR250 Spark Plugs.

For the MC16 model, use NGK B9ECS or B9ES spark plugs. Recommended alternative: ND W27ES-C

For MC18 onwards, use NGK BR9ECM. Recommended alternative: ND W27EMR-C

B9ECS Plug gap for all types should be 0.7-0.8mm

When using the HRC head conversion on MC21 and MC28 models, use the HRC RS250R "shorty" spark plug part# 31930-ND5-003 (No. 10 plug NGK# R5300A-10) or part# 31940-ND5-003 (No. 10.5 plug) and special HRC RS250R cap part# 30700-ND5-751.

Before fitting new spark plug cap, trim 5mm from the end of the HT lead.

Plug gap 0.7mm


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